This site was created for men to get a handle on the “Dating Game” and achieving success with the woman or women that you really want. Recognizing that everyone is different we have a variety of resources for you to choose from some cost money and others are free.

Articles– On a variety of Dating and Seduction Topics, this is an excellent starting point to determine which Dating Guru is the one that seems to be the best fit for what it is that you are trying to achieve. In addition many articles give you tips ad techniques that you can use right away.

Seduction Books- This is where you have the opportunity to model the Dating Guru’s success in the dating game as in general they go in-depth from the approach to the score and everything in between. You also can read the reviews of what others have to say about the book and there experiences. Choose from Starter Seduction Books or Advanced Seduction Books

Online Dating – Welcome to the 21st Century of dating thousands upon thousands of women ready to meet the man of there dreams (at the very least man of the moment). Sounds great till you begin to realize that there are millions upon millions of men looking for a woman or two. Online Dating on your own is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Taking the advice of the resources that we provide however and your looking at better that the house odds in Vegas (Really darn good).

The Dating and Relationship Guru’s- A complete and ever expanding list of Dating Guru’s ho provide you with the tools that allow you the opportunity to succeed with women and enjoy quality loving relationships with the Woman of your dreams that you chose. Each Dating Guru Profile includes a list of articles and books that they have written in addition some have been kind enough to provide us with a Q&A session which you will find in there profile as well

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