The Date Less Method


How You’ll Benefit From “DateLess Method”

  • Attract more women by doing what you want.
  • Have women following your lead rather than trying to follow theirs.
  • Have the power and control to do what you want.
  • Lead a more fufilling and empowering life with quality women.
  • Discover how to really attract women by just being yourself.

Why The DateLess Method Works?

Its simple really, the one thing that women find the most attractive and irresistable in a man is when he is comfortable, confident, and secure in his own life which means he isn’t about to compromise his life and the things he is doing for a woman. especially a womaan that he just met or barely knows.

Is It Really This Easy?

I know what you might be starting to think. “If it really is that easy, how come nobody else has told me this before? Truth be told, many men and a lot of quality women have been telling you this maybe even since you were a child. However, you’ve been conditioned by a variety of different factors to believe otherwise which include the media, women, and oftentimes society as a whole. When you begin to learn just how much power you truly do have it can begin to make sense why all of these different factors would prefer you remain caught up in the “Dating Game”. After all from an economic stand point a man who participates in the “Dating Game” is much more profitable to everyone even if it means that you must suffer through the frustration and disappointment that it will bring you.

In addition, women who are not right for you stand to gain from you playing the “Dating Game” because she would rather you use your energy and waste your time on her rather than thriving with a woman or women who can empower you.

My name is Teddy Shabba and I plan on personally helping you acheive the kind of success that you want and know you can have. By now you may have already begun to notice that there aren’t any pictures of me with two or three beautiful women by my side or a whole lot of marketing hype and that is because I only plan on helping men who truly want to have success with women in a very empowering and natural way.

Which is why when you purchase the DateLess Method you are going to also receive Personal one-on-one coaching from me as well as the First Month of The DateLess Empowerment Sessions, to help make sure that you reach your full potential as a man with woman and beyond.

Special Offer

Like I said, this is all about helping you attract women in an empowering way and because of that you can expect some additional tools to help you along your path. -One on One coaching sessions -First month of the DateLess Empowerment Sessions

-And much more that you will only discover when you decide to take that first step now

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