The Best Women You're Missing


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Who are these “best women” I’m talking about? I’m talking about women you meet via your investment. No, I’m not talking about the stock market… I am talking about your social investments. Social investing is all about paybacks and dividends. If you’re home on a Friday or Saturday night, make a list of all of the cool people you’ve met over the course of the past year. Make a list of all the women you’ve met at parties and online (or wherever you may have met them). Make that list. When you do that, write down something you remember about each person and why you liked her. Then what you do is reconnect with them. Just because you didn’t go out with them or date them the first time you met them doesn’t mean you can’t reconnect with them and have something happen the second time. Remember, too, that just because things didn’t happen the first time you met doesn’t mean they haven’t thought of you. We’ve all done it. We’ve all gone through our lives and thought about our missed connections – cool people with whom we just didn’t connect at the time because our mindset wasn’t in the right place. When I’ve had relationships end in the past, I’ve met a lot of cool women right after the breakup for whom I just wasn’t ready at that time. Now I can look back and I think to myself- “Huh…I wonder what happened to that person?” Instead of not doing anything about it and thinking that you blew it, just go and call or text her. All you have to say is “Hey! How have you been? I was just thinking about you. Let’s catch up.” That’s it. You never know. If you throw ten of those out there, two of them might come back. The women might think to themselves, “Oh yeah, I remember him. What a good guy!” You have to start thinking in terms of abundance. It’s okay to reapply. I really believe in reapplying. In fact, I have reapplied in the past and had amazing things happen!

David Wygant has been helping men and women achieve the happiness that they desire in a relationship feel free to check out his book Date To Win