Simple SECRET to Keeping Sex Alive In A Relationship


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I hear it often enough…

She Says: he’s not that into me because I’m not as sexy as I used to be.
He Says: my spare tire get’s in the way sometimes so it’s kind of a turn off.
She Says:
now that I’ve gained weight, I seem to have lost my sex drive.
He Says: dammit, I can hardly catch my breath after a few minutes so how can I wait for her to reach her orgasm?!?

When it comes to weight gain, a lot of people claim that their partners should love them nonetheless because love is not about one’s waistline. Well, this may apply to LOVE, but not really for SEX.

I cannot put it simpler than this: if you are overweight, you do not have the energy to make love with real gusto!

You see, if you’re overweight, you don’t have a lot of energy. And since lovemaking requires a lot of ‘activity’, it can indeed dampen your bedroom life to a very high degree.

Again, we’re not talking about love here because yes, your partner should love you even if you’ve gained some weight. However, sex will not be as fulfilling. And here’s where it becomes such as vicious circle.

At first, you don’t make love as much as you guys used to because it’s harder to do so. I know a lot of couples who do say that just the thought of all that ‘work’ makes them opt to sleep instead! Now, that can’t be goof for any relationship.

So they start off as skipping lovemaking sessions every once in a while. And then, they either lose interest in lovemaking altogether or gain even more weight that it almost becomes a physical impossibility to do so. And so one morning you wake up and you feel bad about yourself because you’re overweight; you feel bad about your sex life because you hardly have one; and you insecurity comes in because you keep wondering that your partner will surely fall for someone new, exciting and fit!

So, how do you get out of this rut?

Realize how much better it will be if you’re fit and healthy.
Changing bad eating habits is only successfully if you truly realize the benefits of being healthier. So thing about these: you’ll look and feel better about yourself AND you’ll have the energy for making love and reaching lots and lots and lots of orgasms!

Take baby steps. You didn’t gain the pounds overnight so you won’t lose them that fast either. Accept this now. So instead, take small steps. Fit in 30-minute WALKS everyday starting today; up this to 45 minutes, the week after; add a bit of strength training the following week. As for the food you eat, during the first week see what you can cut off. Don’t do anything drastic like half your eating portions. Just don’t buy chips or cookies on your next round of grocery shopping. And then as the weeks progress, make more small, healthier food decisions.

Give yourself a sexual goal. For women, this can mean buying lingerie NOW and make fitting in to it your weight loss goal. For men, this can mean aiming to last x minutes more than you currently do.

If you’re doing this together, then you can also set a reward for you both. This can be a romantic weekend getaway where you treat yourselves to the pleasures your new and healthier bodies can bring to each other.

Make your sex life truly exciting again. As you get more fit and feel more energy, make sure that you take steps to revive your sexual life as well. For instance, learn a new sex position or introduce sex games, or learn about Tantric Sex. In short, make healthy changes too in that avenue of your life. All these will contribute to a more vibrant well being in and out of the bedroom.

Gabrielle Moore truly does have a strong desire to help men help the women that they are romantically involved with achieve the kind of sexual bliss that will have her craving to be with you again and again. In order to help men accomplish this she has created the e-book Female Orgasm Revealed