KY Jelly, Astroglide, or Carrageenan All Natural Personal Lubricant

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When it comes to determining what kind of sexual personal lubricant is going to be best for you there are essentially two basic options for you to choose from.

The first and more widely advertised option is the KY Jelly and Astroglide variety which contain a host of non-safe chemicals and ingredients such as glycerine, parabens, and sodium hydroxide.

The second and healthier option is to choose a natural lubricant like Carrageenan All-Natural personal lubricant.

Now, perhaps you are wondering what makes a natural personal lubricant like Carrageenan a better choice than either Astroglide or KY Jelly.

As stated earlier KY Jelly and Astroglide contain parabens which are known to be oestrogenic and associated with a proliferation of breast cancer cells in a variety of different studies.

Also, the ingredient sodium hydroxide which, again, is contained in both KY Jelly and Astroglide is a preservative that can cause irritation to the skin and in some cases eventually lead to vaginal dryness. In other words, using personal lubricants that have sodium hydroxide can create a dependency requiring that you continue using them.  That’s assuming you don’t end up with skin irritation so bad that you stop using personal lubricants altogether.

Speaking of vaginal dryness, glycerine is another ingredient used in both KY Jelly and Astroglide which, overtime, actually does cause vaginal dryness and make your body more prone to absorbing harmful chemicals.

Okay, so now that you have heard about all the downsides of using KY Jelly or Astroglide, perhaps you are wondering why using an all-natural personal lubricant like Carrageenan is going to be your best option?

Well, besides the fact that it doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that KY Jelly or Astroglide have, here are a few other reasons why it makes sense to use Carrageenan All-Natural Personal Lubricant as a sexual lubricant.

Perhaps the biggest reason is the actual ingredient called Carrageenan which has added health benefits that go beyond helping vaginal dryness and increased sexual pleasure.

Another good reason is that it contains organic aloe and agave inulin that help soothe and heal sensitive tissue while also maintaining a healthy micro flora in women. Basically, what this means, instead of destroying healthy vaginal tissue during sex like most non-natural personal lubricants, Carrageenan actually promotes the healing of vaginal tissue.

Also, Carrageenan All-Natural Personal Lubricant contains Vitamin E which offers women protection against free radicals and also helps promote healing in soft tissue.

If all of the above benefits weren’t enough, Carrageenan All Natural Personal Lubricant is condom compatible and is the personal lubricant that feels most like a woman.  And, you can use it both inside and outside of the condom to enhance the sexual experience for both of you.

Overall, when it comes to determining which personal lubricant is going to be best for you and your sexual adventures, clearly the best choice is the natural choice which in this case means choosing Carrageenan All-Natural Personal lubricant above all others.

Written by Trey Osborne