K-Y Intense Arousal Gel in Review


One of the newest female sexual stimulating gels currently on the market is K-Y Intense Arousal Gel.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with female stimulating gels, basically they are a unique combination of ingredients designed to increase the sensations that a woman feels in her clitoral area which creates some mind blowing sexual experiences.   However, before using K-Y Intense Arousal gel or any other female stimulating gel for that matter there are a few things you needs to consider.   First, are you currently using a personal lubricant during your sexual activities?   While K-Y Jelly may be the oldest personal lubricant available on the market today it is important to remember that it was actually created for your doctor and the penetration of medical devices inside of your body and not for sexual pleasure; which means that you are going to want to find a personal lubricant that was created for a woman and sexual experiences rather than for medical devices.  

One of the more popular personal lubricants on the market today which also happens to be 100% natural is Vigorelle which can also be used as an all natural body cream as well.