Closing The Deal With Women


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Are you a guy who wants to know the secret to “closing” a woman? Do you wonder if there are some magic words or “perfect phrase” that you can say that will work every time to close a woman? Let me answer this question once and for all…   Whenever I walk into anyplace with the thought of potentially buying something — whether it’s a new car, audio equipment or a computer — I always walk in and look at the salesperson as they are about to start their spiel and say, “You can’t close me. I am not somebody you can ever close. So you don’t need to give me the spiel.  Let me figure this out for myself. You can hang out with me for a little bit, and if I like you I’ll probably give you some business.” Much like a salesperson, I’ve found that many people are just trying to “close the deal” when they approach the opposite sex. Instead of trying to sell something to the opposite sex, however, they try to sell themselves. Life is not about selling yourself. This isn’t a negotiation. When you approach someone to whom you are attracted, you should never go up to them and list the “ten reasons why you should date me.” Dating is about getting to know someone. Life is about being intrigued, not being sold. People want to do business with people who intrigue them. They want to do business with someone with whom they can imagine being friends and someone who makes them feel comfortable. So you don’t have to sell yourself so much! I’ve seen it all… People will really go completely over the top when trying themselves. They are trying to negotiate a date from someone rather than just relaxing, having fun, enjoying life and being fully present. Life is not about negotiations. Life is not about selling yourself. Life is about presenting the best version of yourself based on who you are and your confidence. Whenever I run into someone who is trying to sell themselves to me, I’ll look at them and say, “Let me ask you a question. Why are you trying to sell yourself so much? Let me get to know the REAL you and get to like you for who you are. Let me get to know not just the good parts of you, but ALL the parts of you! Then I’ll be able to make an informed decision when it comes down to whether or not I want to hang out with you.” So don’t sell. You might run into somebody like me, i.e., somebody who can’t be closed! So when you meet someone, don’t try to close them. Just get to know them. I have lots of friends and a great network of contacts, and not one person I know is someone who ever tried to close me.

They just got to know me.

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