Art of Sexual Foreplay

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Have you ever found yourself wondering what it takes to be a great lover?

Believe it or not the one thing that men whom women know to be the kind of man who can give her mind blowing orgasms have in common is that they all have mastered the art of sexual foreplay.

In this article you will discover what it takes to master the art of sexual foreplay.
Art of Sexual Foreplay!

The first thing you have to understand about the art of sexual foreplay is that longer is definitely better and great sexual foreplay begins when you may not even have any intention to end the night with sex.

Basically, the art of sexual foreplay is arousing your woman so much that she begins to literally crave to have sex with you and you have her thinking about what you are going to do to her.

Once you have a woman consumed with the thought of having sex with you everything else becomes really easy and sexual foreplay becomes a breeze.

So what are the different levels of sexual foreplay?

The first level of sexual foreplay, generally takes place in an open or public setting where she feels safe and comfortable enough to know that if anything sexual is going to happen it is going to require the two of you going some place else.

The kind of sexual foreplay techniques that you will want to utilize here can be as simple as whispering in her ear or light displays of affection such as hand holding, hugging, casual rubbing of the back, or even playful tickling.

The next level of sexual foreplay takes place in a more private setting such as the comforts of your own house on the couch or sitting next to each other. At this level, you can continue to utilize the techniques from the first level and then move on to more heavy petting and flirting.

The final level of sexual foreplay (at least before sex) generally happens in the same area or place that the lovemaking session will take place and generally involves the taking off of clothes sooner rather than later. One of the best foreplay techniques you can use at this point is giving her a nice sensual massage that will put her in a state of bliss and desiring you more and more.

Overall, the art of sexual foreplay is about connecting with the woman that you are with in a way that allows you to gently guide her exactly where you want her to be which if you are reading this more than likely means a state of orgasmic bliss.

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