A Short Guide To Raising Your Social Proof With Women

HTC Cruise Touch Phone Unlock Code – HTC Sim Unlocking CodeHTC Tattoo Phone Unlock Code – HTC Sim Unlocking CodeHTC A6366 Phone Unlock Code – HTC Sim Unlocking CodeUnlock iPhone 3G – iPhoneCheapUnlock.com Here are a few things you can to do raise your social proof so that women respect you more, in no particular order: 1) Learn to play the guitar. It always impresses women. 2) Make money. Sounds shallow? Yes. But it helps. 3) Have lots of friends. If you are unpopular, think about why. 4) Get a motorcycle. I know guys who get girls by fixing their bikes on the sidewalk every weekend. 5) Be a leader. Women love powerful men. 6) Travel. Be adventurous and have tons of cool stories to tell. 7) Get a nice haircut. 8) Dress well. 9) Get an advanced degree. Women respect intelligent men. 10) Play in a band. It does not matter if you suck. Most people will think you are cool anyway. 11) Be seen with women. Bring your cousins if you have to. 12) Be in the top 20% no matter what you do. Use this as a golden rule to life. 13) Be picky about your food. 14) Give back to the community. 15) Have strong goals and be ambitious. 16) Have nice accessroies and gadgets…like a nice watch or belt. 17) Wear nice shoes. 18) Learn magic or other “cool” skills you can show off. 19) Act in plays or be a performer in general.

20) Know your wine.

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