A Juicy Intimate Relationship Starts With You


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Yes, you can have a genuinely juicy happy intimate relationship. And it begins with you! No matter how challenging your present situation may be, the following information will set you and your partner or partner-to-be on an amazing trajectory to a profound new juicy life.

Look Beneath The Surface

A relationship is only as happy and successful as the 2 individuals involved. Having an understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface reveals the hidden treasures of happiness.

Let’s look for a moment….Have you ever been happy for one full day? How about happy for two or three days in a row without having any fears, worries or concerns? If you are like most people, you would answer “no”. Maybe you have felt happy for an extended period of time, but probably that was a rare occurrence, influenced by an outside event, like the birth of your child, your wedding day, a promotion at work or your favorite team won the championship.

Happiness Isn’t Hard, It’s Simply New!!!!

And having an intimate relationship that lasts isn’t hard…it’s just new!

So, how the heck can you do that? Let’s explore this issue. For all of us there is some pattern of doubt, fear or insecurity that we hear in our heads and when we choose to bite into this “poisoned apple”, we immediately go down the well of despair as quickly as a blinking of an eye.

This could be, “you really aren’t that good, not good-looking enough, too fat, too thin, just mediocre, not making enough money, not a satisfying sexual partner, not unique or creative enough, etc.”

Essentially, something negative. Alas, we have spent so much time down this well trying to get out, that many of us are exhausted from this internal war and are looking for a way to end this cycle of despair and begin anew.

Doubts Are Our Trainers

The good news is that the doubts or fearful thoughts that we hear in our head are not to hurt, harm, ensnare, enslave us. They are actually saying the opposite of what we are hearing and feeling to train us, to coach us, to remember that we are all grand, powerful creative masterpieces. So if we can emotionally jump down the well of despair in a blink, then we can also rise out of it as quickly and climb to an exalted state of beingness through the powerful tool of choice.

Be Transparent

Are you aware of not only your own unhappy crappy stories, but also what fearful stories “got your partner by the balls”? Remember these unpleasant thoughts are not your enemies, they are your greatest trainers to strengthen your Love of Self. Time to get transparent. Often times we unknowingly hide secrets, embarrassments and shameful acts from each other and even ourselves.

Sandbox Talks

Time to clear out the laundry, so to speak, and let your walls down. How about creating some time with your partner or close friend to create a safe space to open up? We call this type of communication Sandbox Talks, like two little kids playing together in a sandbox. Many of us are very bottled up and could highly benefit from a concentrated amount of time to “defrost”. You may also need some time to rest and simply unwind from an extremely demanding busy life.

If you have kids, consider arranging a babysitter for a date night on a regular basis. No matter how busy you are, make it a priority to talk for even 20 minutes every day. Each person uninterruptedly shares about what their deepest fears and issues are. For the listener remember constantly that what your partner is sharing is about them, not about you. You are their mirror and neutral listener.

Stay present, stay caring. You may not agree with what your partner is saying, yet practice not crushing each either.
Note To Men –

You may think what value does talking have? Yet if you are interested in juicy lovemaking with your partner throughout your life – you need to open up to each other, get honest, and then learn how to support each other to END these life-draining patterns.

We are now awakening to the realization that these unhappy thoughts & experiences have always been our trainers, opening us up to realize our true capacity to love ourselves.

There is a powerful technique called “Complete and Delete” to use to once and for all let go of any and all unhappy stories, patterns, memories or traumatic events. With this technique there is nothing too traumatic or deep that you can’t clear expediently. Life is beckoning us to clear our past. Know that no one or nothing has the ability to take us out of our own bubble of happiness other than our choice. Remember: A Juicy Intimate Relationship Starts With You

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