Average Frustrated Chump (AFC) What Does That Mean


Average Frustrated Chump or AFC is a term used in the “Seduction Community” that commonly refers to men who exhibit certain types of behaviors and have little or no success with women.

It is the general goal of most Pick up Artists (PUA) to rid themselves of their AFC ways in order to become more successful with women.

The main way most men attempt to accomplish this is by eliminating all or most of their ” AFC ” behaviors.

At its most basic the belief is if you don’t exhibit any AFC ‘s behaviors then you most certainly will have to be a PUA and be successful with women.

However, what many if not most men who attempt to achieve success like this become is an Extraordinarily Frustrated Guy who is still not successful with women.

The truth is there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to be successful with women and many of them might appear to be AFC if only given the choice between AFC and not an AFC .

What AFC ‘s have in common and what many men must learn to stop doing, is those things which are done with the hope of being successful with women or just for her.

As a man, your happiness must come first and be independent of the outcome with her.

Otherwise, even though you might not fit into the ” AFC ‘ category you might find yourself still frustrated and not successful with women.

At least, not in the way that you had hoped or imagined, because when it comes to women you are either successful or not successful no matter what you might decide to call it.

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