Not Creating Enough Attraction To Have Sex


Creating sexual attraction in a woman is an either/ or kind of attraction.

Either she is sexually attracted to you or she is not.

It isn’t something that you can gradually create or build and one day finally get over the top.

In other words, if she isn’t sexually attracted to you today she isn’t going to suddenly be sexually attracted tomorrow

Now, what can happen and happens quite often is you can create enough attraction in her in other ways and have her give you sex in order to maintain these other attractions with you.

This only works on women who are actually looking for those other things, namely a relationship and money.

The reason why it is better for a man to have sex with a woman early rather than late is because if you aren’t trying to have sex with her there is really no way to know where you stand in regards to sexual attraction.

And if you don’t know where you stand in regards to sexual attraction, you have no real idea where you stand in regards to her.

Plenty of women will string a man along as long as she can and you not trying to have sex with her makes it even easier.

In the end, it is important that you understand a woman can stay with a man much longer if no sex is involved and if after a certain point early on you are unable to create sexual attraction inside of her odds are you are not going to create that sexual attraction inside of her at all.

If all you want is a woman to look at and show off then by all means don’t push the whole sex issue.

But, for all you guys out there who actually enjoy being with a woman it is a must that you know where you stand, in regards to sexual attraction.

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