Viewing Women as Sex Objects


When you view a woman as a sex object (whether you’ve been conditioned to or not) whether you’re scared of her because you’ve glorified her assets so much or whether you just want to ‘get it on’ right away, you’re not getting it.

No wonder women have to reject you. Yes it’s quite ironic and it baffles most modern men. There’s something you have to know though..

A woman’s true sexuality is not as a sex object or ‘slut’. Even if she looks (and behaves) like that, it’s just her social character.

Her natural character (which you have never seen) is her true sexuality and the path to sex for her, where you’ll also end up getting what you wanted out of it initially.

Part of understanding her true sexuality is that you actually won’t be very interested in sex and you’ll respect her while connecting and communicating on a different level than you did before.

Impossible? That’s why you and many dating experts haven’t seen it yet. All you see is her very real behavior and her very real appearance. There’s not doubt that it’s very real because her ‘body’ and ‘power’ is right in front of you.

To women, it’s VERY obvious where you’re coming from as a man.

It usually just left them with the few options of bad boys or jerks who didn’t care and were lower character in other areas but reached and pushed the envelope on their true sexuality.

Look at male heroes, they’re not groping all over a woman or viewing her as a sex object. They’re in a relationship with her and being ‘cool’.

Then you’ll see her open up and want more because it’s really about raising her level of attraction response to you.

For example in ‘Cobra’ with Sly Stallone which I saw flipping through Cinemax, she’s the one who calls him over to the bed while he’s preparing his weapons.

It really is about the women but it’s NOT about their inner or social character or development, which is consequently all that any men ever see of them.

Instead, It’s about their natural and sexual dynamic. And if you haven’t seen that (because you won’t in the U.S.), then it’s time for a new lesson.

It’s time for cognition and burdens to be lifted off of your back.

Her sexuality of being the path to sex (not sex itself) is repressed within her since the age of 15 when she was more natural and knew how to get the boy she was interested in.

By being a man who is cognitive of this truth, you can put women into this state of attraction at the very start by focusing on who she really is beneath her overwhelmingly intimidating adaptation.

Rion Williams is consider one of the top experts on dating and seduction for men