Using Your Online UserName To Attract Women On Online Dating Sites


When a woman does a search for men online the first thing she does is read his screen name the second thing she does is look at his primary photo even though 9 out of 10 times she had already made up her mind as to weather or not she was going to open up your profile based on your screen name.

In fact the differences between men and women are so vast that it is almost sad to see men trying to communicate with women online even though it is quite funny.

If you look at most screen names for men they will fall into one or more of the following categories;

-Where he is from

-Variation of his name

-What he likes to do

-His profession

-Who he is

Now, aside from who he is none of these screen names, will tell a woman anything about you besides the fact that you are a boring average kind of guy.

In fact women who have been online for more than a day usually use your screen name as a guide to if you will be boring or not.

Boring and unexciting screen name equals a guy that I don’t want too most women online.

Now if you look at women’s usernames online they will fall into one or more of the following categories;

-Variation of her name

-Where she is from


-Queen, Princess

-What She Is Looking For

-Who She Think She is

Surprisingly, just like with men the more boring her screen name the more boring the profile, fortunately for women most guys could care less about her profile so she doesn’t really have to develop a great one to get a guy, even though, she will be the same woman that says it is so hard to find a guy as well.

Yes, I know these are just screen names but do you think a woman who calls herself PrincessStarofPhoenix1 is going to want to date BaseballBrad23 or John3687?

I think not, yet, men still continue to use the generic screen names.

The only thing worse is men who reveal their weakness in their screen name, such as; NiceGuyAz1852 or WussBoyfrmNJ1988.

Look I am not saying that you need to come up with the greatest screen name ever in order to have success with women, but, you do want it to at least fall into one or more of the following categories;

-Creates Mystery

-Ignites her imagination

-Suggests More Than Words Tell

-Shows that you are Confident and/or Powerful

A screen name that does those things is almost guaranteed to get opened even if she doesn’t find your primary photo all that attractive.

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