Should You Choose Enzyte For Male Enhancement? Don't Buy Before Reading


So: you have seen the commercials; you have seen Bob (no relation) at the office, at the pool side barbeque, and at the Christmas party in a Santa Claus get up, and you are wondering if you should choose Enzyte for male enhancement. Well… perhaps. Unfortunately, there are no set answers to that question because it is really a personal decision. However, before deciding to go with Enzyte, there are most definitely some things you should know about the product.

For starters, the basics about Enzyte are that it does not require a prescription and that it is labeled and marketed as “the once daily tablet for male enhancement.” It has received a lot of attention, mainly because of the commercials. At one point in time, in addition to offering free samples, the manufacturers were also offering free tee shirts to customers – which seems just a little bit like bribery, although that may simply be a cynical view.

Once upon a time, Enzyte was famous for promising something that it ultimately could not deliver: it promised to permanently increase the side of your penis. That was proven quite untrue, which caused Enzyte to flip flop and instead only promise better erections, which is curious, considering that such a label makes it more akin to an erectile dysfunction medication than a male enhancement product. Presumably, if you want a larger penis, you do not have a problem with your erections.

For that matter, at least in the past, if you ordered Enzyte, you were automatically sent more of the product every couple of months, whether you wanted it or not. You actually had to call and cancel the delivery rather than calling to ask for it again, which is a bit backwards.

In comparison, Enzyte for male enhancement is really less effective and convenient than other products on the market, such as Extagen, which do not promise what they cannot deliver and are not fickle about what they offer, as if they are a politician rather than a penis enlargement pill. Ultimately, the pill you choose is your choice, but given the amount of controversy, Enzyte may not be worth the effort.

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