Enzyte Review


Enzyte is a non-prescription supplement manufactured by Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, Inc. and advertised as “the original once-daily tablet for natural male enhancement”. It positions itself as a competitor to the well-known Viagra pill and is claimed to produce similar effects. Taking enzyte causes stronger and firmer erections as well as the overall improvement in male libido. This supplement is one of the most well-known and heavily advertised male enhancement pills.

Enzyte contains the following components: niacin, zinc, copper and the “proprietary blend”, which is a mix of exotic herbal extracts such as Korean red ginsene root and Ginkgo biloba leaf. This combination of herbal extracts is allegedly what causes the effects of this pill. Initially enzyte also contained Yohimbe extract though it has been removed from the formula. The supplement is supposed to be taken once a day, similar to vitamins.

However, Enzyte is a very controversial product. In the past, it was advertised as a permanent penis enlargement solution. When it turned out that enzyte didn’t increase penis size, the manufacturer had to change its advertising and instead claimed that enzyte only causes better erections. What is more important, Berkeley refused to honor many of the customer complains and refund requests. This even resulted in several lawsuits against Berkeley.

Another controversial feature is the so-called “home delivery plan”. This means that if you once ordered enzyte, you will be automatically sent additional cycles of the supplement each two months (and your credit card automatically billed of course…) If you don’t want to purchase another portion of enzyte, you have to call the manufacturer and cancel your delivery plan.

Does enzyte work? Well, this is also in dispute. In fact, there is no serious scientific work confirming the alleged effects of enzyte. It has never been scientifically tested by FDA or other independent party. Although it is most likely harmless to your health (since it contains only natural ingredients), it is unknown how it will affect you in long term.

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