The PUA Training by So Called “Pickup Gurus” Do Not Work – Here's Why!


First of all, I am not against the PUA community because I don’t like them but I am against the PUA training methods that really don’t help guys with women for the long run.

Here are some lessons I have learned from the pickup community.

1. Women become numbers instead of individuals.
As I started massively approaching women, my perception of them changed. Women started to become objects. They became 7.5’s or 8.3’s on a scale from 1 to 10. It became about the physical beauty instead of the inner beauty that made a girl attractive.

2. You start to not believe in the idea of love.
This is very true. When you approach so many women, it all becomes a game. It becomes about numbers. It no longer becomes about the PERSON. Thus, you start to not believe in the idea of love. This is a very empty experience regardless of how many women you interact with.

3. Pickup becomes your life.
It may sound exciting to have a life where you just pick up and go out with women. But it becomes very empty in the long run. You lose out on the opportunities life has to offer. You lose out on hobbies and passions that you could have developed. I have seen many people in the pickup community take the pickup way too seriously in their lives.

No matter how many pickup gurus try to make you believe that their pickup teachings work, I can tell you that it didn’t give a positive impact with women in the long run.

On the other hand, I have noticed that you can STILL be successful with women by really looking deep inside of you and unlocking the real talents and qualities from within.

From now on, bring out your true self to truly have fun and have success with women.

Bruce Min has been helping men discover how to become an alpha male who can pick up, attract, & seduce women for REAL! He is the creator of Alpha Within