Difference Between A Cold Approach And A Warm Approach With Women


Even though you can meet women just about anywhere and in several different ways, when it comes right down to it you will either use a cold approach or a warm approach when meeting a woman.

If you are wondering what a cold approach or a warm approach is exactly don’t worry I will explain what they are right now.

Cold Approach- When you introduce yourself to a woman you don’t know at the bar, club, or even on the street these would be known as cold approaches.

You don’t know her and she does not know you, in addition you don’t know if you have any mutual history together, i.e. someone she knows that knows you.

Warm Approach- When you have a mutual friend introduce you to a woman or you introduce yourself at an even where everybody is connected to everybody in some way, i.e. a wedding or small party, these would be known as warm approaches.

You both know someone who knows both of you therefore she can assume you are a good guy.

Obviously warm approaches are much easer to work with than cold approaches yet the opportunities to meet women with cold approaches are a lot more to work with.

Bottom line is it doesn’t matter if you meet a girl by a warm approach or a cold approach, if you don’t have the skills necessary to attract women you won’t get much further than the meeting with either one.

Once you know how to attract women warm approaches or cold approaches could urn into whatever it is that you want.

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