How To Use Single Women's Five Senses to Attract and Seduce Them


In this particular article I want to talk about the five senses. I’m sure you’re aware of them. They are:

  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Sight
  • Taste
  • Smell

So, what in the hell do the five senses have to do with succeeding with single women? A lot, my friend. To make yourself attractive to single women and help you to seduce them you must try to appeal to their senses. All five at one time if you can. Let me give you some good examples of how to use the five senses to help you score with single women. Let’s use this scenario: You’re on a date and you invite her back to your place. Here’s how to appeal to her senses:

Sound – Play soft and romantic music in the background.

Touch – Stroke her hair. Even better, give her a back massage.

Sight – Gaze into her eyes. Give her that, “I want to make love to you” look.

Smell – Buy a single rose in advance of your date. When at your place give her the rose and make sure that she smells it. Also, be sure to wear an expensive, good-smelling cologne.

There you have it. Appealing to all of her senses to get her warmed up and ready so she will be receptive to your romantic advances for intimacy. Now it’s up to you. Go for it! Make your moves!

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