How to Take Action to Meet Single Women You Don't Know


Has this ever happened to you? You’re walking down the street, in a mall, a hallway, etc. and you see a woman you’re very attracted to and your eyes meet. You pass each other and you both look back at each other and exchange glances and smile. Then you both keep on walking, never to see each other again like two ships passing in the night. Don’t let these golden opportunities pass you by. Here’s what you must do: After you both have passed each other and you both turn around and look at each other here’s what you should do: Stop and look at her squarely in the eyes and wave at her with a warm and friendly smile on your face. If she waves back at you this is your clue that’s she’s interested in you and you must approach her immediately! Don’t ponder or stall thinking about whether you should approach her. Just do it without thinking about it. Go for it! Just introduce yourself and depending where you are, ask her if she could like to go have a cup of coffee somewhere. If you’re at a mall, ask her if she would like to go to the food court and have a soda. Keep it casual and non-pressured and don’t ask for a date just yet. Exchange phone numbers and call her the next day or two. Get to know her better over the phone, then ask her out during the week. Personally, I don’t recommend asking for a first date for a Friday or Saturday night. A date during the week is more casual and a weekend date creates too much anxiety and expectations for your first date.

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