Keep Your First Date Short In Order To Have More Success With Women


Women like to be entertained and they also enjoy a bit of mystery in a man, even if some women will not admit it.

Women can also be overwhelmed with simply way too much stimulation for too long.

When you arrange your first date or meeting with a woman it is important that you keep it short.

As long as you plant the seeds of attraction in a woman during your first encounter your chances of success will always be greater with a short date rather than a long one.

During a short date (less than 2hours) it is almost impossible to end on a down note unless she has no attraction for you whatsoever.

Conversely it is also nearly impossible for a long date (more than 2 hours) Not to end on a down note unless her attraction for you is extremely high.

It is also important to remember that a woman is going to form her perception of you based largely on the first date and she is going to recall more of the end of the date than anything else.

So with a short date she is going to remember the two of you having fun and not wanting it to end.

Whereas on the long date she will remember it dragging on for what seemed like forever and her ready for it to end.

Based on this alone who do you think has a better chance of going out with a woman for a second meeting or date, the guy who takes a woman on a short date or the one who takes her on a long date.

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