Self-Limiting Beliefs


Whenever we have unfortunately or even accidentally programmed inhibitive ideas or beliefs about ourselves into our conscious and subconscious mind, whether these thoughts are of our own origination, or injected into our psyche by someone else, they are known as “Self-Limiting Thoughts,”. They are absolute trouble and need to be dealt with immediately!

“Self-Limiting Beliefs” are so effectively detrimental because they come from within, so there is far less opportunity to fend off their attacks and defend ourselves from the self-annihilation they bring. “Self-Limiting Beliefs” are the most powerful enemy we can ever have to face, as the famous old saying reminds us so very clearly, “We have seen the enemy, and they are “US!”

Just like in real warfare, one of the most efficient strategies to win a battle is to infiltrate the oppositions camp and spy out their strategies and battle plans. As well as this, you provide them with as much false information as possible, to lead them astray, causing them to make incorrect moves, based on improper assumptions. In turn, leaving them vulnerable and ready to be more easily defeated.

This is exactly what happens to you when you allow your unconscious and conscious mind to offer up negative and simply bad information to yourself about yourself. As you plan your campaign to get ladies and get laid based on a collection of Un-True and Falsified Facts about yourself – the facts that are burned into your unconscious mind – you will start setting in motion a plan to FAIL. Your brain will work its hardest to prove your plan correct – and you will probably fall well short of your intended targets.

Some Self-Limiting Beliefs are as follows:

  • Girls only want to be with guys who have lots of money!
  • Women only want sex with strings attached – committed relationships!
  • If you aren’t “Great Looking,” you may as well just give up now!
  • Babes can sense inexperience and won’t even give you the time of day if they think you don’t have the experience they deem “necessary”.
  • Hot chicks are only attracted to “Bad-Boy,” Alpha-Male, “A”-holes!
  • She’s already got a boyfriend, better give up now!
  • Women should be willing to accept me completely, just the way I already am!
  • She’s a “Total 10,” I can’t compete for her. I don’t measure up!
  • The “Super-Models” are off-limits, simply NO CHANCE there!
  • That babe is way too popular, look at all the guys who are already all over her!

They’re just a few of the seriously debilitating Self-Limiting Beliefs that can hold us back from really going for all the gusto we not only deserve, but could easily have if we just trusted in ourselves enough to go for it! If you don’t believe you can get the chick, you won’t get the chick! If you “DO” believe you can get the chick, you “WILL” get the chick! It’s really that simple. It’s all about what you believe!

Excerpt taken from HypnoDate