Top 2 Secret Ways To Become Irresistibly Magnetic To Your Wife


According to new studies 5 out of 10 marriages will end in divorce. Without going into the typical boring drawn-out discussion on divorce, I’m going to get straight to the point. You are about to learn the top 2 ways to become irresistibly magnetic in the eyes of your wife. And it will not take a lot of time. Before you read another word, it is important that you understand one thing. And that is: “It is 100% possible to change the way a woman sees you.” You can change the way a woman sees you for the better. You can change the way a woman sees you for the worse. Let’s dive in. Top Secret Way # 1 – Become a master at getting her in a good and upbeat mood. I’m going to explain because this may seem obvious. The truth is many guys are doing all of the wrong things when it comes to becoming more sexually desirable to women. Many guys out there are buying 4 ton trucks in their attempts to become desirable. Many guys out there are working out in the gym for 9 hours a day in their attempts to become desirable. In fact if there was a way that you could become invisible, you would notice something. In other words if you secretly entered the homes of 100 married men (while being invisible), you would notice that over 90 of them initiate sex with their wives while making zero effort in getting her in a positive, upbeat, happy and energetic mood. You would also observe guys trying to get sex from her while she is tired. You would see these clueless bastards initiating sex on days when she is feeling miserable. Then you would see the guys getting angry at her when she turns him down for sex. You would see the guy feeling hurt, sad and rejected. You would even see these guys eventually thinking about cheating. You would see these men become weak & insecure creatures before your very eyes! The truth is getting her in an upbeat mood before initiating makes a lot of sense. All you need to do is become a master at it. And this is simple as getting her to focus on fun moments that the two of you have shared in the past. Make her laugh. Think back to times when you were able to cheer her up or make her laugh and do those things. Take her out to a comedy club or at a minimum select something funny to watch on TV. Do you see how it works? And once you master doing that while combining it with the next tip, magical things will begin to happen. Top secret way # 2 – L.O.C. (Levels of Communication ) I’ll explain. Please make sure you listen up, because it’s very important and you will not find this discussed anywhere else. Once you master LOC, you would see changes in a very short amount of time. For example: Try to imagine your wife as being 50 different women. You can even pretend all 50 of your wives are walking around in your house. I’ll explain so that it makes crystal clear sense. If your wife’s name is Mary, then there are 50 Mary’s walking around. Mary-1, Mary-2, Mary-3, etc.. Each Mary represents a *different mood*. Do you see where I am going with this? For example, Mary-1 could be your wife when she is tired and exhausted. And Mary-17 could be your wife when she is happy about life, energetic and upbeat about everything. Wouldn’t you rather have sex with Mary-17? Isn’t she more likely to want to have sex? The amazing thing is that your “words” can magically change Mary-1 into Mary-17. It literally takes milliseconds to move her from a bad mood to a good mood (or vice versa). Let’s move onto LOC. The truth is women sometimes say things that don’t make sense to a guy. A guy will argue with his wife and during the argument he’ll ask himself: “Does she even care about solving the problem?” If this has ever happened to you, you obviously discovered that there is a difference in communication structure between men and women. And before I continue, I want you to realize that there is so much twisted up information out there it is sad. If someone told me to make one prediction – it would be that these “how to read body language books” are going to become fazed out in the next 100 years. And after that, people will start to focus on “communication” as the starting point for understanding women. Any time a guy is seeking to become more sexually desirable in the eyes of women, the results will ALWAYS begin with “communication”. If you are a man who wants your wife to see you as irresistibly magnetic, then your efforts must begin with communication. Because if you understand the language differences in a woman, then you will realize that those words have significance because it comes from her brain. And her brain stores the information that decides whether she will perceive you as sexually desirable. The secret key to becoming sexually desirable in the eyes of women depends on your ability to affect her mood. And that ability depends on your communication and how well you understand the levels of communication.

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